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Jain Glass Temple

Religion has no boundaries and people from across the spectrum pay obedience at religious places across the region with full devotion. Kanpur is no exception to this fact and one can find people from all religious sects and beliefs at Jain Glass Temple.

Architecture of Jain Glass Temple

Jain Glass Temple Kanpur scriptures

As the name signifies, Jain Glass Temple has exquisite work of glass to the extent that the temple literally glows with glass-work throughout. The ornate mirror work can be viewed on the walls, floor and ceiling of Jain Glass Temple.

Stained glass murals add elegance to the temple complex making it unique and innovative to the visitors and devotees alike who visit the temple in large numbers daily. The murals have been designed in such a way that these depict teachings which have been taken from different Jain scriptures.

Marble has been extensively used in flooring of Jain Glass Temple lending the temple complex a unique ambience. Ornamental arches make up most of the interiors of Jain Glass Temple adding a glowing touch to the complex and attracting the attention of the devotees who head to the temple.

Spiritual Solace at Jain Glass Temple Kanpur

Jain Glass Temple provides spiritual solace to devotees who come here seeking blessings of Lord Mahavira. The temple complex has intricately done statues of Lord Mahavira and 23 Jain Tirthankars.

The statues have been placed on a decorated pedestal and have been covered with ornate canopy which add a unique ambience to the whole atmosphere.

Celebrations at Jain Glass Temple

Like any other shrine associated with Jainism in India, Jain Glass temple provides an opportunity to the Jain community in the city to celebrate some important events and festivals associated with the community.

Paryushana Parva celebrations at Jain Glass Temple

Paryushana Parva is an important festival associated with Jain community and is celebrated with full religious fervour in Kanpur. The festival is celebrated for over 10 days during Shravana and Bhadra months.

Jain Glass Temple is specially decked up during the Paryushana Parva celebrations. Special discourse sessions on Kalpa Sutra are held during this period at Jain Glass temple. A procession of Kalpa Sutra is also carried out through the lanes of Kanpur and pilgrims participate in it with full devotion.

The dreams of Trishala who was the mother of Lord Mahavira too are discussed and portrayed on the fifth day of the ten day festivity session. The last day of the celebration is unique in the sense and devotees who are a part of the ten day festivity session seek forgiveness for any of their sins.

The festival is celebrated with religious devotion throughout Kanpur and Jain Glass Temple personifies the same at its best.

Mahavir Jayanti Celebrations at Jain Glass Temple

Mahavir Jayanti occurs during the month of March and Jain Glass Temple management makes special arrangements to celebrate the most important festival of the year. Ceremonial bathing of Lord Mahavira idol located within the temple complex is carried out by head priest. A procession too is carried out throughout the city and devotees at Jain Glass Temple listen to teachings of Lord Mahavira on the occasion.

How to Reach Jain Glass Temple Kanpur

Jain Glass Temple is located at Maheshwari Mohal near the Kamla Tower. One can hire an auto rickshaw or a taxi from any part of the city to reach Jain Glass Temple comfortably. The temple is open all through the week and can be ideally visited during morning and evening hours.

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