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Native Wild Species of Kanpur

Kanpur has experience immense development over the centuries and was among one of the first Indian cities to begin taking a major toll on the native flora and fauna. As we all know, industrial development will always have a negative toll on the environment with many animals being affected. 

Kanpur and the entire surrounding area supported an abundance of wild animals, birds and plants of which many have been pushed to the brink of extinction due to agriculture and industrial development. But even with all this happening around them certain species have managed to cling on to their survival and certain species even managing to prosper in the middle of Kanpur city.

Beautiful Peacocks

Native avian fauna of Kanpur

Peafowl are native to northern India and this makes them quite a common sight to see in most places even on the outskirts of cities. Many rural areas and villagers also feed than attracting them to roost on their roof tops which encourages the species to live and breed amongst human settlement and industrial development. 

Peacocks being the national bird of India, receive a lot of attention from the public making them a species which continues to thrive in and around most Indian cities like Kanpur.

Chattering Parrots flocks

Wildlife in Kanpur

Parrots are another commonly seen bird in Kanpur and this is once again linked to the close relationship they share with the Kanpur residents. This is among one of the only cities where you will find flocks of the birds living in the city. 

It’s also a very common sighting to see clay pot roots mounted on building which allow the parrot to roost and breed without the requirement of thick jungles. In the same way you find pigeons in many cities, larger numbers of friendly Parrot are a very common sighting in Kanpur something that is not common among parrots in other cities of India.

Urban Macaque troops

Wildlife species in Kanpur

Another native animal species which has been noted to thrive in and around the city are macaque smonkeys which are considered massagers of God Hanuman and worshiped by Hindus. The monkeys have learnt to take advantage of this abundance of free food and rather than run looking for the wilderness, monkey troops are invading the cities. 

This has resulted in over population of the money in most cities like Kanpur where the government has had to step on and take action towards controlling the monkey troops. This makes the moneys among the most common wild animal that has adapted to perfectly to urbanisation and human development.

Gentle Nilgai Antelope

Flora and Fauna in Kanpur

Sadly some like the Nilgai Antelope have felt the effects of industrial, urban and agricultural development much more than others. This antelope was abundantly available in Kanpur just 3 decades ago when they roamed the fringes of the city. 

Today aggressive agricultural practices, hunting, pollution and habitat destruction has drastically shrunk the population around the city. Just like any other herbivores these antelope are territorial meaning they remain within a fixed area thus affecting their breeding population when their habitat is destroyed. 

The Kanpur local government has already began efforts towards the rehabilitation and restocking of the few herds left around the city with the hope of keeping them healthy and retaining them as they have been an icon of Kanpur for centuries.

Waterfowl Species

Birds in Kanpur

Thanks to the Ganges flowing next to Kanpur there is an abundance of water fowl habitat resulting in huge numbers of the bird visiting the region in different seasons. Areas like KatarijiyoraNawabGanj, are located directly in the Ganges floor zone and the cultivation of rice naturally attracts insects and small animals which the water fowl are then attracted to. 

The best way of observing the water fowl in these flood zones is by visiting on foot but make sure you visit the region before or after the flood season which is usually the monsoon period. Spring and autumn tend to be the best times to visit the flood banks since this is when the majority of birds can be seen.

Aggressive Wild Boars

Animals in Kanpur

The Indian wild boar is another of Indian wild life which has managed to cling on to a survival in Kanpur and other cities and their suburbs. The wild boar tends to prefer living in the wild uninhabited regions but love to live close to agricultural areas like the Katarijiyora NawabGanj. 

This is because these are flood zone which are uninhabited but cultivated allowing the wild boars to thrive in such regions. Due to their ability to dig and live in holes they are undetectable by day as they sleep in the holes but emerge at night.

Kanpur is among few Indian cities which have managed to maintain certain breeds of its wildlife, birds and plant but the major challenge has been on the animal’s part. This is because most of the survivors of human development have had to adapt to the living among and around human settlement and industry.

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