Administration in Kanpur

The prime function of local government or administration is to serve the community and provide basic amenities like water, electricity and jobs. Enforcement of law and order is another prime responsibility of administration in Kanpur and it has been working earnestly to accomplish this objective.

Administrative structure Kanpur

Administrative Structure of Kanpur

Kanpur Nagar Nigam

Kanpur Nagar Nigam which was a municipal board initially was upgraded to Municipal Corporation in 1959.

Vision of Kanpur Nagar Nigam
  • To manage the increasing needs of the city in a competent manner.
  • To undertake renovation tasks in the city
  • To maintain infrastructure like roads, bridges, hospitals, etc.
  • To construct and maintain civil structures like hospitals, dispensaries, schools.
  • To maintain water, electricity supply and manage garbage collection in the city.
  • To complete developmental tasks in the city.
  • To maintain parks and other civic infrastructure in the city.
There are 110 wards in Kanpur Nagar Nigam. Of the 110 wards in Kanpur Nagar Nigam, 57 are reserved while the remaining 53 are unreserved.

Kanpur Development Authority

Kanpur Development Authority (KDA) has been constituted according to the provisions of U.P. Urban Development Act 1973.

The governing body of Kanpur Development Authority has commissioner as the chairman. Vice Chairman, Secretary Finance, Housing, District Magistrate Kanpur Nagar, Kanpur Dehat, Managing Director U.P Jal Nigam and Director Sarvajanik Udyam Bureau are its members.

Functions of Kanpur Development Authority

Below are the two major functions of Kanpur Development Authority:
  • Infrastructure development in various parts of Kanpur.
  • Initiated housing construction projects in various parts of Kanpur City
Current infrastructure development projects being undertaken by Kanpur Development Authority are as under:
  • Gram Binganwa Scheme
  • Alaknanda Enclave
  • Shatabdi Nagar Pahase-3
  • Ratanpur Vistar Bagh-1
  • Surat Ganj Yojna
  • Highway City Vistar Part-2
Contact Details of Kanpur Development Authority
Kanpur Development Authority, Moti Jheel Campus, Kanpur
Tel: 0512-2556292-93

Administrative Officers of Kanpur District

Contact information of various administrative officers of Kanpur District is provided below:
Commissioner, Kanpur Div.: Email: [email protected]
District Magistrate: Email: [email protected]
Chief Development Officer: Email: [email protected]
ADM(City): Email: [email protected]
City Magistrate: Email: [email protected]
Joint Magistrate/SDM Sadar: Email: [email protected]

Police Administration in Kanpur

Maintaining law and order within the city limits is a key function of the police force and Kanpur Police has been working earnestly to fulfill this endeavor. Kanpur is divided into various zones for policing. Important phone numbers of police officials responsible for providing security throughout the city of Kanpur are as follows:

STD Code: 0512
  • IG Police: 2214450
  • DIG Police: 2311461
  • Sr. Superintendent of Police: 2311407
  • SP Anti Dacoit Operation: 2294399
  • SP City: 2311175
  • SP South: 2317962
  • SP East: 2303300
  • SP  West: 2306333
  • SP Traffic: 2320155
  • Police Control Room: 2333111, 2333112, 100
  • C.O Kotwali: 2304407
  • C.O Colonelganj: 2540189
  • C.O Collectorganj: 2356333
  • Mahila Thana: 23056
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