Business in Kanpur

A bustling business centre of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur is a key industrial city which houses industries of varying magnitude. Leather processing is a major industry in Kanpur and the industry provides employment to over 2 lakh people directly or indirectly.

Panki Industrial area is the major industrial hub of Kanpur city and the industrial zone besides having leather manufacturing units is also home to numerous pharmaceutical companies. Besides Panki area, major industrial units particularly dealing with leather manufacturing abound in Jajmau area of Kanpur city.

Leather Business in Kanpur

Business Units in Kanpur

Numerous business units dealing in leather based products, paper products, cotton textile units, repairing and servicing units exist in Kanpur. Manufacturing industry has witnessed a robust growth during last few years in Kanpur and the city exports products like leather sandals, pharmaceutical goods, cotton hosiery products, soaps and floor cleaners, steel and office furniture among a range of other small and medium scale products.

Business Opportunities in Kanpur

Leather industry is the major business in Kanpur. With over 400 tanneries functional in the city, the business generates fortunes worth 3000 crore annually. Real estate industry too brings viable business in the city. Jajmau, Chatai Mohal and Mukharjee Vihar areas have seen investments in real estate and the trend of owning a luxury flat is catching up in Kanpur, creating sustainable business for everyone associated with the same.

Kanpur has numerous pharmaceutical units which produce quality drugs which are exported out of country. Pharmaceutical giants like Ranbaxy and Cipla have their production units in the city. Swaroop Nagar, Birhana Road, Cantonment area and Panki Industrial area are home to numerous pharmaceutical companies of national and international repute.

Major Business Clusters in Kanpur

Cotton Hosiery Cluster
About 476 small industrial units are working in this cluster. Cotton Hosiery industry provides employment to over 10,000 people in the city and exports goods worth 6 crore annually.

Readymade Garments Cluster
Industries associated in this cluster produce items like dyed stitching fleece, knitting sinker and other hosiery items. The total exports from this relatively new business segment in Kanpur are to the tune of 50 crore.

Soap and Detergent Business Cluster
The industrial units associated in this cluster produce detergent powder, liquid detergents and glass and floor cleaners among other items. The turnover of this business cluster is around 600 crore annually though the items are consumed within the state and neighbouring states.

Paint and Allied Industries Cluster
This business cluster functions under the ambit of Paint and Allied Products Manufacturers Association. Around 50 units work in this business cluster within the city limits of Kanpur and produce products as enamel based paints, varnishes and thinners along with other allied products.

Harness and Saddlery Business Cluster
The major products produced in this business cluster include saddlers, Harness and Saddlery products. Around 225 micro units are associated in this business and value of exports from this cluster has touched a high of Rs 375 crore last year.

Leather and Leather products Business Cluster
Industries associated in leather business in Kanpur produce leather footwear, leather garments and other leather goods. Around 1635 units in Kanpur produce leather goods and the turnover of the cluster was in the range of 292 crore last year.

Steel furniture Business Cluster
Around 685 industrial units are functioning in this business cluster. The industrial units associated with steel furniture business in Kanpur provide employment to over 50,000 people and has been able to achieve a turnover of 181 crore last year.

Cold Storage Business Cluster
The 100 units working in this cluster function under the ambit of Uttar Pradesh Cold Storage Association. The turnover of this cluster was in range of 50 crore last year and the industrial units associated in this business provide employment to over 2000 people.

Pharmaceutical Business Cluster
Around 75 business units are functioning in this business clusters. These include major multinationals like Ranbaxy and Cipla besides local pharmaceutical units. The turnover of the cluster is in the tune of 70 crore and the industrial units provide employment to over 2300 people.
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