Culture of Kanpur

Cultural Art in KanpurThe location of Kanpur makes it unique. The city is located on the banks of holy Ganges and this fact makes it culturally and religiously special. 

The city was founded by Hindu Singh, a king of erstwhile state of Sachendi. Kanpur used to be a non significant village till 1765 when the Nawab of Awadh was defeated by the British Forces. 

The British realized the strategic importance of Kanpur and they arrived in the city in large numbers.

Kanpur in Initial Days

The cultural advent of Kanpur began in 1800’s in the real sense when British Garrison was established in the town. 

Late night parties by British rulers were the order of the day all the while when the Indian revolutionaries were busy planning the minute details of freedom movement in the narrow by-lanes of Kanpur.

Post Independence Scenario

Kanpur has been role to popular freedom fighters and poets of national and international repute who have spread the name of city far and wide. Bal Krishna Sharma also known by the name of Navin has been a popular poet from Kanpur and the local Naveen Market has been named after him.

Other popular poets from Kanpur who have played a key role in spreading the cultural movement of Kanpur far and wide include Gopal Das or Niraj and Shyamlal Gupta who is popularly known for composing the song ‘Vijayee Vishav Tiranga Payara.’

Major Fairs and Celebrations in Kanpur

Fairs are a true reflection of cultural richness of any city or village. The same holds true for Kanpur too and the city holds the famous Ganga Fair annually. The fair is held five days after the Holi festival and people from various walks of life participate with enthusiasm in the annual fair.

fairs in KanpurHoli colors are thrown on each other during the course of the fair and the devotees take a holy bath in the Ganges every evening of the fair before visiting the temple.

Cultural evenings are also organized during the course of the fair and the visitors get to witness local culture and cuisine.
Dance and poem recitation sessions are held during the cultural nights and local artistes display their artistic skills during the event.

Culture Promotion by Kanpur Film and Theatre Society

A body formed to promote cultural heritage of the city, Kanpur Film and Theatre Society has played a key role in promoting cultural ethics of the region. The revival of Nautanki, a dying art form which owes its origin to Kanpur too has been revived by the Kanpur Film and Theatre Society.

The society has played a key role in popularizing cultural events as Ramlila which are dying a slow death. The society has revived this art form in the region and provides opportunities to local artists who have been associated with the same.

The Awadhi culture of the region is unique and people from various religious faiths, be they Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians live in close harmony the city. The city might have transformed from the sleepy village of Kanhiyapur to the industrial city of Kanpur but it has been able to maintain its cultural distinction and organizations as Kanpur Film and Theatre Society have been playing their part actively in promoting culture of the city.
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