Transport in Kanpur

Kanpur is a business oriented city and a reflection of the same can be seen in its robust transport system. Getting around the city is an easy task as Kanpur has a well developed local bus route. Other options as auto-rickshaw and taxi too can be explored for travelling in the city.

Local Transport in Kanpur

The public transport system in Kanpur connects central localities as Mall Road and Kanpur Central while local bus services are also available for far off locations like Bithoor and Jajmau. Technological improvements over the years have had its reflection on the transport system in Kanpur and the Kanpur Metropolitan Bus Service has over 300 low floor AC and Non AC buses in its fleet.

Kanpur Metropolitan Bus Service

The service which was initially started in 2004 with 100 buses has shown tremendous improvement since 2009 when it was brought under the ambit of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM).

Low Floor Bus Service in Kanpur

A large number of AC and Non AC buses operate within Kanpur city in this category. Well designed and equipped with a range of security features, the buses are all set to linked with GPS technology to improve the experience of travelling in these buses.

Semi Low Floor Bus Service

Having basic security measures in place, the semi low floor bus service is Kanpur is equipped with GPS technology. With automated announcement of stops, the buses are a real treat for tourists as they need not rely on help from others while locating their destination.

Mini Bus Service

The mini bus service operated by Kanpur Metropolitan Bus Service operates on smaller routes within the city. The mini bus service can be used for travelling small distances as they move at a faster pace than the low floor and semi low floor buses being operated by the Kanpur Metropolitan Bus Service.

Kanpur Bus Terminals

Kanpur has six bus terminals and three of these are in final stages of their completion. These bus terminals include Rawatpur, Bhauti, Naubasta, Chakeri, Panki Bahu Singh and Tilsahri.

City Bus Routes in Kanpur

Kanpur Metropolitan Bus Service operates on 27 routes inside and around the city of Kanpur and provides fairly good connectivity to the commuters who decide to utilize these services. The place of origin and destination of these 27 routes is as follows:
  1. Sarai Mita - Bada Chauraha, Sarsiya Ghat
  2. Chakeri Mod - Mandhana
  3. Shyam Nagar - Bada Chauraha
  4. Yashoda Nagar - Barr
  5. Raniya - Ghanta Ghar
  6. Bada Chauraha - Bithoor
  7. Kanpur Central - Mandhana
  8. Barra - Barra Jarauli
  9. Bada Chauraha - Ramdevi
  10. Afim Kothi - Bingava
  11. Ghanta Ghar - Raniya
  12. Bada Chauraha - Mandi Samiti
  13. World Bank - Moolganj
  14. Jarib Chauki - Moolganj
  15. Yasoda Nagar - Kanpur Zoo
  16. Mandi Samiti Naubasta - Kanpur Central
  17. Baghpur Tekra - Bada Chauraha
  18. Kanpur Zoo - Kisan Nagar
  19. Jajmau - Kisan Nagar
  20. Jajmau - Bithoor
  21. Bithoor - Bada Chauraha
  22. Ramadevi - Raniya
  23. Shastri Chowk, Barra - Rawatpur Gutiya
  24. Shivrajpur - Maharajpur
  25. Bithoor - Jajmau
  26. Bhaunti - Shuklaganj
  27. Wazidpur - Bithoor
  28. Bithoor - Wazidpur

Ring Road Route in Kanpur

There are two Ring Road routes in Kanpur. The first one of these originates from Panki Bhau Singh and terminates at Meghdoot. The second ring road route originates from Tri Junction and terminates at Panki Bhau Singh.

Other Modes of Transport in Kanpur

Besides the local bus service, the other modes of transport that can be used for commuting in Kanpur include taxis, tempo rickshaw, auto rickshaw and cycle rickshaw. Private taxis in Kanpur usually operate from Canal Road Taxi Stand and can be accessed for travelling in comfort.
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