UP Stock Exchange in Kanpur

UP Stock Exchange Kanpur LocationPeople have perceived that the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange are the only stock exchange worth investing in. This is certainly not the case. Roughly each state has its own stock exchanges. Uttar Pradesh certainly has one too.

Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange Limited (UPSE) was inaugurated on August 27 in 1982 by the then honorable Finance Minister and now President, Pranab Mukherjee. 

Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange is the sole stock exchange present in Uttar Pradesh. The stock exchange membership isn’t limited only to the state of U.P. but extends to people and companies of other states of the nation as well.

The exchange started out with a minimal number of 350 members and has reached a whopping 540 members, residing in various states of the country. Right from its inception, UPSE has played an immensely undeniable role in elevating the capital market to what it is now in Northern India.

The current governing body of UPSE consists of seven members. Six of whom are residents of Kanpur and one being a resident of New Delhi. 

The governing body constitutes of members with the posts of chairman, public interest directors, managing director and shareholder director. Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange currently has 843 companies listed with the total capitalization of Rs 81,184 crores.

To amplify the business further and to make possible the online trading available to around 22 members in the city of Lucknow, an establishment of additional trading floor has also been done. At present these members of Lucknow have been provided with computer terminals, that are connected via VSAT to the UPSE main server.

Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange owns a subsidiary called UPSE Securities Ltd. Not only this, it also has the membership of BSE that enables these members on BOLT.

Local address: Permat, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh-208001 or Padam Towers, 14/113, Civil Lines, Kanpur-208001

Contact Information
Phone: 91-0512-2338115/2338074
E-Mail: [email protected], [email protected]

How to Reach

Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange Limited is one of the most easily accessible places in the city of Kanpur. It is about 12.5 kms from Kanpur Airport and about 4.6 km from Kanpur Central Railway Station.

Nearby places of Importance

Kanpur is neither congested nor huge. The places of attraction like Satti Chaura Ghat or the Mecca Masjid are literally close to the Stock Exchange as well. A hectic time in the stock market can be substituted by a chilling feeling of hanging about in the city and enjoying what is in store for us.

Satti Chaura Ghat is a historical place of attraction and is about 4. 9 km from the Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange.

Mecca Masjid is about 9.3 Km’s from the Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange.

The Jain Glass Temple in Kanpur is about 1. 8 km from the Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange.

The Kanpur Memorial Church is about 5.4 km from the UP Stock Exchange.

Shri Radhakrishna Temple is about 7.1 km from the the Uttar Pradesh Stock Exchange.

There are many more places to go to in Kanpur in case one wants to take a break from the boring hectic share market transaction checking.

Kanpur has always been a fun yet important location. It constitutes a rightful blend in the things to do for people.
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